22 October 2017

ISWC2017 workshop on Decentralizing the Semantic Web

Call for Contributions

Review our authors’ contributions!

The call for contributions for 2017 is closed. We have received 14 contributions.

Workshop scope

The ISWC2017 workshop on Decentralizing the Semantic Web welcomes novel contributions on intelligent clients, decentralized applications, and enabling technologies. Consult the detailed topic list for inspiration.

You can share three kinds of contributions: research articles, client challenge demos, and vision statements. Share your work with us before 28 July 2017 through the OpenReview platform.

Research articles

DeSemWeb research articles provide creative solutions to problems in the domain of intelligent clients, decentralized applications, and/or enabling technologies, covering one or more of the workshop’s topics.

Research articles bring scientifically motivated insights and should:

We recommend to target 6,000–8,000 words (12–16 pages).

Intelligent client challenge

We challenge authors to build an interactive demonstration of an intelligent Web client that runs mostly or exclusively in a mobile or desktop browser. Such a client could, for instance, find information on the Web or execute tasks. Bonus points for natural language interactions through a chatbot or speech-to-text engine.

Please share a link to your demonstration or video, accompanied by a description of around 1,000–4,000 words (2–8 pages).

Vision statements

Share your vision for the future of the Semantic Web, with a focus on clients and/or decentralization, addressing current issues, relevant questions, future directions, … Does the Semantic Web need decentralization—and does decentralization need the Semantic Web? Contributions on any of the topics are welcome.

We recommend to target 1,000–4,000 words (2–8 pages).

Author guidelines


Authors can choose the best way to express their work, such as HTML or PDF. Given the scope of the workshop, we encourage the usage of native Web technologies and especially welcome HTML contributions with semantic annotations. Authors looking for practical advice might find the HTML guide helpful.

The DeSemWeb workshop series endorses the Linked Research principles. You might like to check its various aspects (unique identifiers, resources, feedback, …) and try to apply relevant ones to your contribution.

Review process

Please share your DeSemWeb contribution before the deadline through the OpenReview peer review platform.

You can—and are encouraged to—publish your contribution on the Web while it is under review.


Accepted contributions will be published as CEUR-WS proceedings and need to be presented by one of the authors at the workshop.

Dates and deadlines

Contributions due
28 July 2017
Acceptance notification
24 August 2017
Proceedings publication
21 September 2017
22 October 2017

Program committee